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(Prisons and Jails, Fight against corruption, Public Policy, Legal assistance, Access to Justice…)


This project aims at facilitating access to justice to low income populations through legal aid. Law No 2009/004 of 14 April 2009 To Organize Legal Aid in Cameroon offers alternative access to justice for those who cannot afford the high cost of paying legal fees. We disseminate this information to local population and help those in need to go through the process of obtaining legal aid.


Overcrowding in prisons is a prevailing problem in Cameroon and across many nations in Africa. The practice of holding prisoners on remand compounds the issue. This project aims to observe the conditions of detainees in the Cameroonian prison system and to subsequently find ways to give pretrial detainees assistance, both in a legal trying and to advocate for the improvement of detention conditions. The project will further facilitate the socio-economic reinsertion of former detainees.


Minority groups in Cameroon suffer rights abuses most at time because of their ignorance of the law and the ignorance to avenues to seek remedy when they suffer abuse. We offer them the chance to seek redress in most cases of abuse by whosoever. The project engages state organs and local and international non-state actors to take action in facilitating access to justice for this category of persons.


HSR-Cmr works to advance gender equality and to ensure that women and girls in Cameroon are able to realize their human rights. This project seeks to engage men and boys, alongside women and girls, through a variety of actions to reduce gender based violence, empower the women to take leadership roles in the community, encourage girls’ education among others in a bid to create lasting change.

Focus areas comprise:

– gender-based violence
– gender and education
– gender stereotyping in the justice sector
– engaging men and boys in gender equality programming

– Training and capacity building