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Human rights violations and abuses are a major problem to be addressed in Cameroon, and there is apparently a lack of respect and response to human rights issues among state actors, and other stakeholders. There is very little adequate monitoring and reporting mechanism in place to take up the issues to the concerned ones. To address the above, HSR-Cmr does the following:

 – Systematization of fact-finding and documentation of human rights violations and abuses.
– Strengthening and enabling of local associations, community based organisations and local level institutions in providing documentation and reports on particular cases.
– Dissemination of information to the concerned state institutions and other relevant agencies at national and international levels.
– Follow up of the case-by-case giving due consideration to the nature and gravity of violations and abuses.
– Sensitization of the state actors to their human rights obligations through interactions, workshops, and advocacy and lobbying.
– Awareness training, orientations, campaigns to the community people on their human rights, including the rights to development and respect.
– Referring of serious cases of human rights violations to the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms for necessary actions
– Regular follow-up and coordination in order to assure the best possible responses on the HR violence cases.

Minority rights and special cases

We aim to contribute to securing the human rights of minority groups such as LGBTs, religious and ethnic minorities, and to strengthen the civil society movement raising awareness and advocating for their human rights particularly the most vulnerable. We use a multi-dimensional approach to minority issues, maintaining a strong focus on minority issues. Amongst other things, we are focused on doing the following:

  • Providing education on international and national human rights standards and mechanisms relating to minorities.
  • Conduct local and national advocacy campaigns; deliver media campaigns to counter discrimination; support organizational development and security measures; and sustainability; and/or develop and submit shadow reports.
  • Setting up a network of organizations to monitor discrimination against ethnic and other minorities.
  • Publishing reports highlighting priority and emerging human rights issues facing minorities in Cameroon.
  • Providing legal support to victims of discriminatory laws or practices, or legal cases related to their minority rights work.
  • Raise international awareness about the discrimination facing minorities in Cameroon and increasing international pressure on Cameroonian authorities.
  • Provide support to asylum seekers both in Cameroon and abroad