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Becoming a member of HSR-Cmr

Full membership is open to persons above 19 years who are passionate about human rights and abide by the principles enshrined in the universal declaration of Human Rights. Human Rights Initiative’s values are all enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. HRI holds firmly these values and all of her members abide by the same.

Partnership with other institutions. HSR-Cmr encourages partnership with both local and international individuals and organisations wishing to carry out work in the field of human rights but without needing to be visible or directly involved in field work. HSR-Cmr gladly welcomes partner organisations and institutions who have Human Rights at heart and are ready to put their resources to promoting and protecting human rights across borders.

Benefits of being a HSR-Cmr member

Our members are part and parcel of our work, they are involved directly or indirectly on human rights promotion and protection.
The following benefits are accorded to HSR-Cmr members:

  • Share in all the knowledge and best practice spawn by  HSR-Cmr
  • A membership card
  • Access to organisation’s office premises and documentation
  • Updated on all activities of HSR-Cmr on social media and other communication mediums
  • Protection by local and international human rights protection mechanism
  • Be part of a vibrant network of professionals working to bring about positive change
  • Able to influence the work and the leadership of HSR-Cmr, contribute to its local and international growth and long-term success.

How to Apply

HSR-Cmr does not charge any fee for individuals willing to become part of them. In the case of organisations, a token of 50 euro is charged on a yearly basis to sustain administrative cost and grow the organization.

Apply to become a member by clicking here, download the membership application form, fill it and send it to membership@hisrcameroon.org