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We believe everyone is entitled to access to justice. That means that everyone, regardless of resources, regardless of whether they can afford an attorney, is entitled to use the courts and other avenues of redress and solve legal problems. Our justice system belongs to all of us and must work for each of us.

Lack of access to legal counsel and knowledge of basic human rights makes access to justice far-fetched across many communities and vulnerable groups in Cameroon. Far too many vulnerable persons from underprivileged backgrounds in Cameroon often lack the means to hire lawyers to defend their basic rights. Our experience amongst lawyers in Cameroon has also shown that there is often lack of incentive from lawyers to offer free legal services to persons who cannot afford pay both an honorarium as well as the administrative fees to prepare for their case.

Through our legal aid clinic, we provide access to justice through legal as provided for under Law No 2009/004 of 14 April 2009 To Organize Legal Aid, to vulnerable groups of persons. The key activities under this action include:

  • Legal representation for vulnerable persons in need most
  • Awareness around our legal aid clinic and the protection of the rights of vulnerable persons.
  • Facilitate the process for obtaining legal aid as provided for under Law No 2009/004 of 14 April 2009 To Organize Legal Aid in Cameroon.

If you need legal assistance, kindly send an email to bchamango@hisrcameroon.org or call +237679166872